Louie’s Plant-Based is a revolutionary meat brand and digital marketplace. We offer a variety of your favorite meats reimagined and available to arrive directly to your doorstep.

We use all-natural plant-based ingredients, including the world’s best herbs and spices, to hand-make and cut plant-based, ready-to-eat meats that stand out for their exceptional taste and nutritional value. Our cold cuts offer a complete protein at 12-13 grams per serving, higher than traditional meat options, while also being substantially lower in sodium content.

Visit our Deli Counter and experience where Deli Meats the Future.

Everyone! We believe that something as nutritious and flavorful as our meats should be shared.  So whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, environmentalist, or simply looking to try something new, Louie’s Luncheonette here is for you. Making better choices can be hard, we’re here to take the critical thinking out of eating.

A key ethos of Louie’s Plant-Based is environmental responsibility. Raising animals for consumption requires an immense amount of energy, food, water and land cultivation, which all have negative impacts on our beautiful planet. For us we see animals as friends, not food, and do everything else we can along the way to limit our environmental impact.

Our sustainable packaging consists of vacuum sealed bags and stickers, reusable drain safe ice packs, and recycled paper products.

Ordering with us is simple. Visit our Deli Counter page to select from our great choices of plant-based deli meats, and choose how much you’d like to receive.

You can order once or regularly with our automated recurring order option.

Recurring orders are here to take out the manual process of buying cold cuts. When ordering you’ll have the option to choose your frequency. Orders can be one-time purchases, or recurring deliveries weekly, every two weeks, three weeks or monthly.

If you choose a recurring order option, we’ll automatically process your next order based on the frequency option you select. Your credit card used for the initial purchase will be charged for your recurring order, but only when that order is in the shipping process. You can also easily adjust your order frequency or payment method at any time.

It sure is! We understand the complexities of the world today, and work to ensure we’re always getting you the cold cuts you’re looking for when and where you want them. Whether you need to change your cold cut selections, pause your order, adjust your delivery address or other, we’ve got you covered.

Information on orders can be adjusted by logging into your account at the top right of the page. Orders can be amended any time in advance of receiving your shipping confirmation.

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

When we say made-to-order, we’re being serious! This means that we prepare your order in our Brooklyn kitchen at the beginning of each week, and immediately slice and ship to you. Based on this, orders generally arrive between Thursday – Saturday to your doorstep, depending on your location.

We deliver our plant-based meats straight to your door from our Brooklyn kitchen. Utilizing innovative packaging and priority shipping, we are able to freshly and safely deliver our deli meats directly to you, without all the unnecessary steps.

National deliveries are completed by our friends at FedEx, while local NYC-Metro orders are fulfilled utilizing smaller services. Emails and/or text messages from us with tracking, shipping and confirmed delivery will be sent to you from us to keep you in the know throughout!

Currently we ship our plant-based deli meats to all 48 contiguous states and Washington D.C.

We believe the simpler the shipping process, the better. All orders for delivery have a small, standard flat rate fee of $12.00, which accounts for all of the components necessary to freshly and safely ship to you.

You can track your order by selecting the tracking link emailed to you by us. This email is sent when your order is packed and scheduled for a delivery day.


At the base, all of our plant-based meats are made up of a recipe consisting of water, vital wheat gluten and chickpea flour. We then combine those ingredients with the world’s best herbs and spices, creating familiar yet elevated flavors with greater nutritional value than their meat-based alternatives.

All of our ingredients are non-GMO, nitrate, soy and preservative-free, and of course, vegan!

With a short list of plant-based ingredients you’ve heard of, no added nitrates or preservatives, and more protein than traditional deli meats, Louie’s Plant-Based sets out to be the healthiest cold cut available anywhere. Our meats also fall within the National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI) guidelines.

Visit our Nutrition Facts page and see how our cold cuts compare to traditional deli meats.

A major component of our plant-based meats is vital wheat gluten. While it is important for those with celiac disease or an intolerance to avoid gluten for health reasons, continued studies show that there is no evidence a gluten diet negatively impacts ones general health.

To read more about gluten diets from Harvard University Health, click here.

They sure can! All of our deli meats can be cooked to expand their range of meal options. Keep an eye for some delicious cooked recipes that we’ve come to love! For our roasts and ribs, cooking instructions are provided within their packaging.

Our plant-based meats arrive to you chilled in airtight, compostable vacuum seal bags. Once opened, our cold cuts stay fresh and delicious for about one week with proper refrigeration. If kept sealed in their vacuum bag in the refrigerator, cold cuts can last for about a month.

Yes, our plant-based meats can be frozen. If freezing, we recommend keeping in our vacuum sealed bags, unopened, for the best quality when defrosted.

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